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Allure Printed Zoe Saldana’s Weight on Its Cover

Allure Printed Zoe Saldana’s Weight on Its Cover

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On the cover of its June issue, Allure describes its profile of actress Zoe Saldana thusly: "Zoe Saldana: 115 Pounds of Grit and Heartache." Why on earth would they do that? Allure: several hundred pages of possibly decent editorial content, overshadowed by a stupid cover line.

Since numerical representations of weight rarely grace the covers of women's magazines, we conclude that this number must be special. Since 115 isn't a large enough number to suggest defiance, we conclude that 115 is a number meant to represent an attractively tiny weight. Delicate and tiny, making her "grit" all the more charming. Just a tiny little pretty thing, but boy, little missy packs a punch! A rare catch, that 115-pounder, same size as the prize tuna fish.

Either that or they think it's a "healthy" weight. Bizarre and unnecessary either way.

Allure's article contains Saldana discussing race and her sexuality. (She could "end up with a woman raising my children ... that's how androgynous I am.") She also poses in the nude, in case you want to know what 115 pounds of Zoe Saldana looks like.

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