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  • Marc Anthony

    Marc Anthony

    ...Any Other Information You Would Like to Have Included in Your Bio? My cell phone number...

  • Kim Hansard

    Kim Hansard

    …my brother always said I should get paid for talking because that’s what I did best. I love that we have a platform to really effect change and make a difference ...

  • Tyrone on Phones

    Tyrone on Phones

    ....Parents: Chris Rock and Oprah Winfrey....

  • Becca James

    Becca James

    A Texan in Tennessee! I’m a proud AMERICAN with some Italian, Russian and English blood.

  • Rich Bailey

    Rich Bailey

    ...Rich was dubbed as “DA Bailey” this was an effort to shorten his name and to sound more appealing on the radio. Most people caught on to his signature name, while ...

  • Fenway


    Where are you from: Greenville, SC Favorite Food: Brats, pizza, sushi and I also LOVE greens. Favorite Beverage: Black coffee, water, and at the right time a good whiskey to sip ...

  • Frank Murphy

    Frank Murphy

    ...We don’t have any pets unless you count the hawks, frogs, rabbits, chipmunks, lizards and other critters that live in our backyard...

  • Weekends




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