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Frank Murphy

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Hometowns: New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Knoxville

Career Experience/Years with JBG: 10 years in Knoxville, 7 years with Journal, previously held behind-the-scenes radio jobs in Washington and Los Angeles.

Family/Pets: my wife Jere and I are empty-nesters now that our two kids have finished college and moved away. We don’t have any pets unless you count the hawks, frogs, rabbits, chipmunks, lizards and other critters that live in our backyard.

Hobbies: performing comedy improv; swimming; traveling; reading; writing blog posts; napping;

Favorite Band/Artist: after my wife Jere the soprano, it would be the Brian Setzer Orchestra; also Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson and many others

Celebrity Crush: I have a new one every few weeks; currently it’s Katherine Jenkins

Guilty Pleasure Song: anything from “Smash” or musicals such as 1776, Phantom of the Opera, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, etc.

Number One Item on Your Bucket List: to start a new bucket list now that I’ve visited all 50 states

Favorite Things about Living in Knoxville: the way the community has made me feel welcome; the thrill I get when friends come to see me perform improv; the opportunity to learn about forensics from attending Dr. Bill Bass lectures; discovering things that are unique to East Tennessee

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Radio, Improv, Internet

How Did You Become Interested In Radio? listening to Bob & Ray and to Jean Shepherd on WOR

Favorite Career-Related Memory: directing live radio dramas at the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills; riding an elephant from the White House to the Capitol; there are probably enough to fill a book someday

Any Other Information You Would Like to Have Included in Your Bio:

  •  I perform with Einstein Simplified every Tuesday night at Side Splitters
  •  I can be seen on SMOMOtv at various locations in the Smoky Mountains
  •  I write a daily blog on my website at
  •  I was recently elected president of the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association
  •  I have served as honorary chair of the Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk for three years
  •  I like to keep busy and can often be seen as emcee, narrator or guest star at various community events such as the Catholic Charities annual dinner, East Tennessee PBS pledge drives, Dinner with the Bone Doctor, the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association, the Karns Fairest of the Fair competition, the St. Joseph School Mardi Gras, the All Saints Adult Social and many more



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