Cleaning up and Clearing Out- The Hall Closet

August 20, 2018 – I really can’t believe that I’m sharing this with you. I’ve mentioned here, on this blog, that my husband and I are cleaning up and clearing out our home. Please understand, if you walked into my home, you would probably think it looks pretty good. We LIVE in our home, but it’s clean and it’s not messy. However, open a closet or cabinet door, and you could be injured.

So now, we’re working to get rid of things we don’t love or just don’t use. The upstairs linen closet was one of the first areas I tackled. My thinking was, it’s small and shouldn’t take too long to do, but I’ll feel as sense of accomplishment.

Notice the PILE of STUFF in the photo…ALL OF THIS was in this tiny, little closet. MOST of this stuff did not find it’s way back in. I LOVE the space and organization of my “new” closet. I’m telling you, getting rid of stuff is freeing! I already feel like there’s more space in our home. It’s easier to keep things organized, when you don’t have so much to keep organized.

My suggestion: join me in cleaning up and clearing out. We can do this together.