Study Says: Apparently A Trip to the Movie Theater Qualifies As ‘Light Exercise’

A new study is out and according to this study, a movie theater visit is just as good for your heart as a gym trip.

Researchers at the University College London came to this conclusion by studying more than 50 people wearing sensors (biometric) to track their heart rate while watching a movie at the theater.

They discovered that, the viewers’ heart rates rose 40% to 80% higher than the maximum normal resting heart rate about 45 minutes into the movie.

What else was discovered by the researchers? The participants heart rates were in a similar zone to light exercise during the two-hour movie.

So, in comparison to a light walk or a low intensity workout.

What we really want to know? Did the researchers factor in popcorn, candy, or soda to that movie theater trip and did they affect these results?

Photo| iStock