12 Word Pronounciations People Are Willing to Fight Over

To think this all stemmed from an office conversation involving the “Pee-Can” versus “Puh-Kahn“. Of course, this led to a rabbit hole of other word pronunciations. Though some of these are considered regional differences or just mispronunciations, here’s a list of 12 words that have at least two different yet common pronunciations.

1) Oregon
Ore-eh-gen vs. Ore-eh-gahn

2) Porsche
Pore-shuh vs. Poresh

3) Pecan
Pee-can vs. Puh-Kahn

4) Caramel
Car-mul vs. Car-a-mel

5) Sherbet
Sure-bit vs. Sure-burt

6) Coupon
Coo-pahn vs. Que-pahn

7) Gif
Gif vs. Jif

8) Kilometer
Kill-om-it-er vs. Kill-o-meeter

9) February
Feb-u-air-ey vs. Feb-ru-air-ey

10) Syrup
Seer-up vs. Sirr-up

11) Nevada
Nev-ah-da vs. Nev-ad-a

12) Adult
Ad-dult vs. Uh-dult

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