A Dating App That Will Give You Money To Shut Your Phone Off

National Day of Unplugging is on March 6. So, why not take advantage of this faux holiday and get paid for your efforts. Hinge Dating App will give you $100 to go on a date and not use your phone.

According to Thrillist, Hinge users that meet up with someone on March 6 and don’t use the Hinge app for 24 hours can get $100 for a date. The app will dole out that money until it has given out $25,000.

Nathan Roth, Hinge CMO, said in a statement, “Introducing people on Hinge is just the beginning of a connection.” He also explains, “The real magic happens in person and in real life. We’ll never stop encouraging our users to meet up, and this Friday, we’re excited to give them a little extra incentive to set up a date and put Hinge away.”

Here’s how you get the cash, set up a date on Hinge and on March 6 at 4pm (Eastern Time), open the app and hit the option to pause your account. It must be paused for a full 24 hours. Afterward, fill out a form at unplugwithhinge.com and respond to your “we met” survey before midnight on March 8.

Then let the cash roll in.

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