WATCH: This Fruit Smoothie Commercial Was Banned For Being Too Raunchy

We know what you’re thinking, how could a fruit smoothie commercial be too hot for TV? Well, this UK ad proved otherwise and is not banned from daytime TV in the UK.
There are no people in the video however, the way the fruit is showcased says it all.

The YouTube description says, “the 30-second advert has got censors hot under the collar, calling for it to be screened after dark,” and continues to read “Ad censors have called for the commercial to be screened way after the 9pm watershed, despite it being devoid of a single sweaty body. The 30-second spot was made by health food brand Swisse Me to promote the ingredients in their range of ready-to-drink smoothies.”

When you see it, you will surely understand why they had to pull it. Here’s a disclaimer for you, it’s possibly NSFW.

Check the video out for yourself.

Photo| iStock