Best Tweets Of The Week 6/26/20 – #BackInMyDay

A good laugh came about this trending hashtag, #BackInMyDay. It reminds us of those awkward family dinners during the holidays or exaggerated moments in an older relatives’ life.

Example, “Back in my day, I hiked up the tallest hill during a snowstorm just to get to school” stories. Sure, you’ve heard similar ones. This weeks Best Of aren’t all that embellished. Some are things you may actually miss.

Here are the top 10 Best Tweets of The Week. Fan reactions, thoughts, and tweets that made me real life “Laugh Out Loud”.

We all love a good laugh and you’ll be amazed by how funny people on Twitter can be in 280 characters or less.

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Check out Kayla’s top picks:

All tweets were found at random while scrolling the top and latest tweets tab on Twitter.

Photo Credit | iStock by Getty Images