Justin Bieber Went On ‘Shark Tank’ To Give Product Seal Of Approval

Are the sharks really Beliebers? Maybe they are but it didn’t help when it came down to this product.

Justin Bieber appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ last week to personally endorse the ALL33 Backstrong C1 chair presented by Simtec CEO Bing Howenstein.

The singer was there to show how the office chair improved his posture and help with ab exercises. And yes, the Grammy winner did take his shirt off for his endorsement.

“If ya gotta sit, this is it,” he said.

But even with the Biebs’ endorsement, Simtec CEO Bing Howenstein’s furniture was ultimately rejected on the entrepreneur pitch show by Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and the other potential shark investors. They didn’t bite at the businessman’s request for $500,000 in exchange for 2.5% of his company.

Watch clip below.

Photo| PR Photos