Marc Anthony

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Hometown: Arlington, VA

Family/Pets: wife of 25 years, 3 girls, 3 dogs, 7 headaches
Hobbies: photography
Favorite Band/Artist: of all time? The Police, Rush, Foreigner, Genesis
Celebrity Crush: Brooke Shields
Guilty Pleasure Song: Rico Suave by Gerardo
Number One Item on Your Bucket List: wake up without an alarm clock everyday for the rest of my life
Favorite Thing(s) About Living In Knoxville: Winters where it's 70 degrees
Describe Yourself in Three Words: Bald, Balding, Baldest
How Did You Become Interested In Radio?: Failed as a gigolo.
Favorite Career-Related Memory: Falling asleep on the air at 4 am and the local police having to break the door down to make sure I was alive.
Any Other Information You Would Like to Have Included in Your Bio: My cell phone number


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