Here at Scripps Radio Knoxville, our community is our family. So we're taking time every month on all 4 Scripps Radio Knoxville stations to spotlight local charitable causes that serve our community's needs with our 'Giving Light Initiative'. Each chosen non-profit cause receives $10,000 worth of promotional and commercial support to highlight their charity and the selfless work they do to help our friends and neighbors in East Tennessee.  

This month's charity is The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge 

The Grove Theater in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is a 75 year old building in a 76 year old city.  Built as part of the Manhattan project in World War II as a performance stage, the Grove Theater was later converted to a movie theater and then finally restored to a performance venue in 2008.  Since its restoration, the Grove Theater has been available for free to the community.  It’s hosted symphonies, ballets, barbershop competitions and birthday parties.  Local bands, comedians and preschool graduations.  Our mission at the Grove Theater is to foster community and give everyone a chance to participate.  That’s why keeping the theater available as a free resource to all of our community is so important to us.

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