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Listen Thursdays between 3:30-4pm each week to learn the latest couponing tricks from Kristina! She'll make sure you know about the best deals in town!

Check out this week's deals below & learn the upcoming Knoxville Flea Market dates! 

June 21st

Free Tea Day: McAllister’s-Thursday, 6/21
Totino’s Coupon | Cheap Pizza Rolls
Chinet Coupon | Napkins 9¢ at Publix
Build-A-Bear: Free R2-D2 with Purchase!
Free Apple Camp for Ages 8-12
Old Navy $1 Flip-Flop Sale Is On 6/23!

2018 Knoxville Flea Markets Dates
  July 20-21-22
  September 14-15-16
  October 19-20-21
  November 16-17-18
  December 14-15-16

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