East TN Ignite Women's Leadership Summit Giveaway


Friday, June 8th; 8am – 5pm

Join Star 102.1 at the East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit on Friday, June 8th at the Airport Hilton! It’s an annual conference for women to live, learn and lead in all aspects of their lives. Our own, Kim Hansard will be moderating the afternoon panel! Enter to win tickets below or 
click here to learn more!

“The Ignite Women’s Leadership Summit was exceptional. The women in the room had a high level of energy as they came together to build their networks, cultivate ideas, and promote each other. It was a great pleasure to be the Summit’s opening speaker and experience the power when women come together for self-improvement. Susanne and Deb lead an amazing team that ensures this event will be engaging, inspirational, and educational.  Organizations and events like this have never been more important to women. I look forward to seeing what the Summit offers in 2018 and beyond.”
~Joan Cronan, June 2017

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