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J Dub

What’s up Knoxville? I am JDub on the radio, the new guy on STAR 102.1. Where do I start in telling you about me? I’m from Akron Ohio yes the same place as Lebron James.

I grew up on a small farm, I love football, hunting, food, pop culture, and music. I spend way too much time styling my hair and coordinating my wardrobe. I also waste my day by death-scrolling on social media. You can follow me in the links by my photo or IG/Twitter @JDubontheradio & FB-@JDubontheradioShow. I am always on the hunt for the hottest shows/movies to binge. That’s Me in a nutshell I hope you check out the show 3 pm-7 pm on Star 102.1.

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